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Orchid of the Month January 2005
Epidendrum Green Hornet

Picture of Epidendrum Green Hornet


Epidendrum Green Hornet is ( Lancifolium X Epi.Cochleatum).

The pale green flowers have a red striped lip with a golden tip.

I bought this Orchid in December 2003 from Sundance Orchids in Fort Myers, Florida, and it has bloomed twice. The current blooming started in November and I sucessfully pollinated two of the flowers. You will find photos of the blooming plant and the seeds developing. In the upcoming months I will add photos of the ripe seeds and the flasking procedures, so that you can follow the whole propagation process.

Epidendrum Green Hornet flower closeup


  This picture of the seed capsula developing was taken February 25, 2005.
New Naming:

Epidendrum cochleatum (L.) is now Prosthechea cochleata (L.) W.E. HIGGINS. The genus Prosthechea was originally placed in Epidendrum, then in Encyclica, but was finally reclasified because of the pseudobulbs and the lips. The pseudobulbs of Encyclica are ovoid, while those of Prosthechea are spindle-shaped and often flatened. In most Encyclica the lip is lowermost, while it is uppermost in Prosthechea. The genus includes about 100 species and is found from Mexico to Brasil. Prosthechea cochleata is found from Florida and the West Indies through Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela.

So the correct name is:
Prosthechea cochleata (L.) W.E. HGGINS; syn: Encyclica cochleata (L.) LEMEE, Epidendrum cochleatum L.

(above is according to Botanica`s "Orchids", 2002)

Accordingly my conclusion is that Epidendrum Green Hornet should be Prosthechea Green Hornet.



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