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Over the years I have bought a lot of orchids, equipment and supplies. Especially in the equipment and supplies area it is sometimes hard to find good things at a decent price. I now have started tracking down the manufacturers of items I use for my orchid hobby and will bring them to you here in my little shop.

I will start with some digital measurement equipment, which I use to determine the right light level and water quality for my orchids.

Two ways to shop:

  • Use the PayPal buttons to select the items you want and add them to your shopping cart. At the end you can review your order and then pay either with your PayPal account or if you don't have one you can enter your credit card information for a secure, single payment.
  • If you prefer check or money order: use the mail order form and send it in together with your check or money order. Download the mail order form here:PDF Word-doc


Digital Light Meters

I offer a wide range of light meters with different capabilities and measurement ranges. They range from a simple 3-range light meter that measures in lux and is suitable for most hobby orchid growers to professional 4- and 5-range light meters for advanced hobbyists or professional orchid growers. I now also offer a digital light meter that can be connected to a computer or laptop using the USB port.

See details on the Digital Light Meters overview page


Temperature and Humidity Meters

As orchid grower you know that your plants are very sensitive to the right conditions. You probably have moisture trays and you spray your plants with water. But do you get the humidity where it needs to be? And what about the temperature? Many orchids need a drop at night to initiate the blooming. The max/min memory function on this thermometer will tell you!

See details on the Digital Humidity Meters overview page


Digital Water Meters for Orchids

The quality of your water is extremely important for the health of your orchids. In nature they receive very pure rain water. Tap and well water on the other hand contain a lot of minerals. These digital water meter measures the mineral content, fertilizer content and acidity (pH) of your water. These meters are also frequently used in Hydroponics and for aquariums.

Click here for TDS, EC and pH Meters for orchids


Orchid Moisture Meter MOMET(TM)

This is the first electronic soil moisture meter especially designed for orchids and other potted plants. MOMET determines electronically the moisture in soil, be it bark, moss or soil. The unit can also be used with any house plant, garden flowers or outside plants. MOMET assist in the watering, care, and healthful growing of all plants, whether inside or outside. The unit has two probes that are pushed into the medium. The corresponding LED light flashes green if wet, yellow if approaching dryness and red if dry.

Price: $29.99, free shipping

See details for the Orchid Moisture Meter MOMET


Orchid Moisture Meter MOMETplus(TM)

The MOMETplus is the most advanced orchid meter on the market. The unit has two 5" interchangeable probes that are pushed into the plant's medium of bark, moss or soil for an instant reading of multiple conditions. The MOMET PlusTM gives you an accurate measurement of moisture, light level, air humidity and temperature. The unit can be used with any orchid, house plant, garden flowers or potted plant. The MOMET Plus combines four different meters in one simple to use unit.

Price: $59.99, free shipping

See details for the Orchid Moisture Meter MOMETplus

Miniature pocket scale for orchids  

Precision Pocket Scale A04-01
Have you ever wondered how precise you dose your fertilizers or insectizide? How much is a "table spoon"? This Precision Pocket Scale will allow you to get the amounts right each time. It has a range of 0.000 - 17.636 oz and a resolution of 0.005 oz (or 0.0 - 500.0 g with a resolution of 0.1 g)


Price: $ 15.95





I will ship worldwide - contact me for shipping cost (between $ 5.95 and $ 20.00)

Countries I have shipped to: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, NewZealand, Singapore, Spain.





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